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How a Search for Inclusion Gave Rocío Núñez That Midas Touch

Inspired by the lack of inclusivity in the beauty space, this Afro-Latina Chica Boss created a cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand for every person and every skin tone.

CHICA Boss Leilani Fletcher On Uplifting The LGBTQ Community

Activist Leilani Fletcher talks to People CHICA about standing up for marginalized communities and supporting queer and trans youth.

CHICA Boss Emily Estefan On Finding Her Voice and Living Her Truth

Cuban American singer Emily Estefan opens up to People CHICA about her coming out story, life with her soulmate, and making music that is true to her heart.

CHICA Boss Suhaly Bautista-Carolina On The Healing Power of Plants and Her Life Mission

Afro-Dominican spiritual herbalist Suhaly Bautista-Carolina opens up to People CHICA about spreading nature's healing love through her practice, Moon Mother Apothecary.

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Martha Cisneros and Erlinda Alexandra Doherty explain the idea behind their new wine-focused platform, designed for Latinas.

CHICA Boss: How Carolina Acosta Created the Perfect Party Game for Latinos

The Colombian–Dominican American entrepreneur created Tragos after not seeing a game designed with Latinos in mind.