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America Ferrera Talks About The "Mental Jujitsu" That Latinos Need to Do to Get Their Stories Told in Hollywood
The actress also dives into what she first thought of the script for Netflix's Gentefied and Hollywood's unspoken "brown discount" when it comes to Latino-led projects.
América Ferrera es la nueva embajadora de CoverGirl
Con este rol, la actriz le sigue los pasos a otras Sofía Vergara y Becky G, quienes también han sido imagen de dicha marca.
Exclusive: Karrie Martin On The New Season of Gentefied and How The Role Of Ana Changed Her Life
"She really becomes a leader," Karie Martin says of her role of Ana Morales in season two of Gentefied, returning to Netflix on November 10. Playing Ana, a Chicana artist and LGBTQ woman, was challenging for the Honduran American star. "I'm probably the most different from my character," she admits. "I love getting to fill the shoes of this incredible woman."
Emmys 2021: El mejor maquillaje en la alfombra roja
¡El maquillaje de las estrellas en los premios tan esperados celebrando lo mejor de la televisión dio mucho de qué hablar! Aquí te tenemos todos los detalles para recrear sus looks.
America Ferrera Will Debut as a Film Director for New Netflix Movie
The film is based on Erika L. Sánchez's 2017 novel I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

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America Ferrera Says Motherhood Amid the Pandemic Has Her "Exhausted Out of My Mind"
America Ferrera said 2020 was a "worthy challenger" as she learned to parent two children during the pandemic.
America Ferrera Talks About the Challenges of Working From Home With Kids
The actress said it can be "overwhelming" to work from home with son Sebastian, 2, and daughter Lucía, 7 months.