Wait until you see her $85 clogs.

By Alexis Bennett
May 09, 2019 04:50 PM

Jennifer Lopez's movie Hustlers won't be released until next September, but I am beyond ready to see this film thanks to all of the fun, behind-the-scenes outfits. One of Lopez's latest looks includes a comfy Guess hoodie with a rainbow triangle and question mark logo.

Lopez complimented the gray hoodie (available for only $69) with two throwback classics: velour sweatpants and Uggs. Instead of the standard Ugg style, she wore the brand's best-selling clogs ($85; nordstrom.com).


This isn't the first time that Lopez was spotted wearing the biggest trends from the early 2000s while on set. We've also spotted her filming Hustlers in a crystal-embellished Juicy T-shirt.


Then there was that chunky, name-plate necklace.