Por KC Baker
Enero 24, 2019

Atlanta police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that took place on the dance floor of a popular club Saturday night, which the victim streamed on Facebook Live, PEOPLE confirms.

“Help me!” the crying woman can be heard pleading on the video, which went viral before it was taken down.

The woman, who records herself saying that she is celebrating her birthday, told authorities that she believes someone put a drug in her drink, CBS Atlanta reports.

Visibly distressed, the woman keeps yelling “Stop!” during the video.

Police learned of the alleged attack when a woman called 911 saying she saw a live online video of a man sexually assaulting a woman in a crowd of people at Opera Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department says in a report obtained by PEOPLE.

“The Caller stated that she saw on Facebook Live a black female being groped on her chest and possibly being raped from behind while she was screaming “No, stop,” the report states.

Inside Opera Atlanta. Ben Rose/WireImage

Throughout much of the video, the woman records herself singing and dancing to the music, as a man stands close behind her.

The officer who responded to the call along with other members of law enforcement who were working at the club that night canvassed the area but were unable to find the alleged victim, the report says.

The video, the officer later learned, had been recorded around an hour before he got to the club, the report says.

Echoing what the 911 caller had told police, the officer says he watched the video, which shows a woman being groped on the dance floor while the man allegedly assaults her from behind, the report says.

“In the video, you can clearly hear the female saying “Stop, please somebody help me,” the officer says in the report.

He notes the alleged victim did not seek help from authorities.

Special Victims Unit investigators remain in contact with the alleged victim, who is no longer in Georgia but is cooperating with investigators, the Atlanta Police Department said in an update on the case emailed to PEOPLE.

“Investigators have also identified the male we believe is seen in the video with her and have been in contact with him, as well,” Atlanta Police said in the update, adding that authorities would not be releasing the man's name at this time.

On Monday, the club posted a statement on Facebook about the alleged assault, saying: “At this time we have met with the Atlanta Police Department and have provided them everything they have requested. We will continue to aid and support their investigation in any way we can.”