Police say Kenta Evans, 21, admitted to striking the 2-month-old infant while simultaneously hitting the baby's mother

By Robyn Merrett
June 13, 2019 03:23 PM
Jaquerrion Dancer GO FUND ME

A 2-month-old Wisconsin boy has tragically died after being allegedly beaten by his father.

Kenta Evans, 21, of Milwaukee was visiting the infant, named Jaquerrion Dancer, at the home of the child's mother Jessica McNeal when an altercation broke out, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Fox 6 Now and the Associated Press.

According to the complaint, Evans allegedly went from being eager to see the child to "accusing [McNeal] of having other men in the house."

That's when Evans allegedly took McNeal's cellphone and "smashed it against the wall," the complaint states.

McNeal then grew frightened and picked up Jaquerrion and backed away from Evans.

Evans allegedly followed McNeal and began repeatedly punching her with closed fists. McNeal was still holding Jaquerrion in her arms, according to the complaint.

McNeal's sister later intervened and rushed the small child to a nearby hospital.

Evans allegedly fled the scene, according to the complaint.

Doctors at Children's Hospital diagnosed Jaquerrion with multiple skull fractures, cerebral hemorrhaging and extensive retinal hemorrhaging, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.