Por Char Adams
Febrero 06, 2019

Newly-released footage shows the moments a frantic father chased down a train in Ohio after accidentally leaving his baby on board.

A video from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority showed the RTA train riding away from Louis Stokes/Windermere station in East Cleveland on Jan. 12 after the father stepped out briefly to smoke a cigarette just before 10:40 a.m.

The man, whose name has not been made public, first appeared carrying the baby in what looked like a car seat and adjusted the infant's blanket, checking on the baby several times after entering the train.

As the train sat idle, the man left to smoke alongside another passenger, and someone on board was shown banging on a train window to alert the pair that the train would be leaving momentarily.

By time the father reached the train door, it had already closed. The train took off for its next stop, Superior Rapid Station. The father is then shown running alongside the train to the end of the platform.


Meanwhile, someone informed the train operator that an unaccompanied baby was on board.

“Operations staff and Transit Police responded and followed protocol to quickly return the train safely to the Windermere station platform to reunite the father with the baby,” a GCRTA spokesperson told PEOPLE in a statement.
“Trains can travel from the Superior Station to Windermere within a minute. All safety precautions were followed by rail personnel and the operator.”
The spokesperson said trains can travel between the two stations in less than a minute.

“All safety precautions were followed by rail staff and the operator in order to return the train to the Windermere Station,” the statement continued. “At no time were passengers or the baby in any danger.”
Authorities were able to stop the train before it reached the next station, according to WOIO. And additional footage obtained by the station showed the man panicked as he reunited with the child and attempted to explain what happened.