Por Chris Harris
Noviembre 29, 2018

A Florida man was disemboweled with a sword on Thanksgiving morning in what police allege was a premeditated attack carried out by his wife and her lover, PEOPLE confirms.

Court documents show that 30-year-old Amanda Ramsey and Luis Nunez, 22, face attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and false imprisonment charges following the slashing, which unfolded inside a home in Rockledge.

Both defendants were detained Tuesday following an investigation into the near-fatal incident.

Police confirm the victim survived the attack and is receiving medical treatment. His condition was not immediately clear.

One of his neighbors called 911 Thanksgiving morning after the victim — naked and bleeding profusely — stumbled into their driveway.

Louis Rosas Nunez and Amanda Ramsey

“He's holding on,” Deputy Chief Donna Seyferth with Rockledge Police Department told WFTV. “He's somebody with a will to live.”

According to Seyferth, investigators haven't determined a motive for the attack but believe it was planned in advance after speaking with the victim's wife.

“We were able to finally speak with the victim, and his story and their story didn't match,” Seyferth explained, calling the husband's injuries “horrific.”

“Between interviews and evidence, we know it's premeditated,” she said.

PEOPLE was unable to reach attorneys for Ramsey and Nunez for comment, and it was unclear if either suspect has entered pleas to the criminal counts they're charged with.