Por Jen Juneau and Adam Carlson
Febrero 07, 2019
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At 6 months old, Kulture Kiari already owns more designer duds than most people will see in their closet over an entire lifetime — but her mom still knows how to keep it practical.

In an exclusive interview in Atlanta ahead of the Super Bowl, superstar performer Cardi B told PEOPLE that her baby girl may rock high-end brands on occasion, but her day-to-day wardrobe is much different.

“She has so much name brands, and she just throws up in all of them,” joked the 26-year-old rapper. “She always ends up [wearing] Target pajamas.”

“I look at every video and pictures and she got Target pajamas because by the time I take a picture … very pretty, expensive clothes, she throws up on it, she s—s on it, she drools all over it,” adds the mother of one. “Things never go as you plan.”

Cardi was able to get one snap of Kulture in her designer duds. Back in January, the “Bodak Yellow” singer shared a photo of herself holding her daughter on a private yacht, the tiny tot wearing a Versace hooded puffer.

The white-and-yellow patterned onesie retails for $830 on the designer's website, and is also available on farfetch.com for a bit cheaper, at $603.

Cardi B

Besides always being prepared for an outfit-change emergency, the “Money” hitmaker tells PEOPLE her daughter has molded her in the sense that she didn't think she “could love” or “be addicted to somebody so much.”

“She teaches me that I gotta stay strong, 'cause I just feel so emotional sometimes,” says Cardi B, who split from husband Offset in December after just over a year of marriage but recently referred to him as her “significant other,” hinting at a reconciliation.

“I just feel like who am I going to be strong for? And it's like, I gotta be strong for my child,” she tells PEOPLE. “[Kulture is] gonna be famous — she's going to be in the light — and I know there's going to be a time that she just don't understand why so many people talk about her, good and bad things.”

“I gotta be the strong one to explain to her and make her feel confident and make her feel like, ‘It's okay, you're that bitch, you're that girl,' ” Cardi B adds.

Cardi B admits she is thinking about a second child (although “I got so much things to do first”), but for now, she is focusing on her daughter — and how much she wants to protect her.

“I worry mostly. Because I don't feel like the things that people say online, I don't feel like a child should be hearing or be having, you know?” says the rapper, who will be performing at the 2019 Grammy Awards this Sunday, when asked if she could see her daughter being a child Instagram star.

“It would be cool if my kid could make money, and she's so pretty,” Cardi B adds. “She could be a baby model, she could be everything. I just be so scared. I want to protect her — when you have a baby, you really want to protect them. … I want to just protect my child with my whole entire body, my whole entire mind. It's crazy.”