The actress stars in the new reboot of The Craft, out this week.

Por Lena Hansen
Octubre 28, 2020

In the new thriller The Craft: Legacy — a reboot of the beloved 1996 movie about teenage witches — Zoey Luna plays a trans Latinx witch. "What I hope to change is the way people view trans people. It's just a way of life that others may not live or understand, but it's something that is human and it's not a weird thing," the 19-year-old transgender actress tells People CHICA. "In a lot of films, especially in the horror genre, trans people are villainized — they are the murderers of the movie." Playing a trans lead who's ultimately a positive character, in a movie that celebrates friendships and the power of individuality, was a breath of fresh air.

"It was all about honoring the original Craft and creating a new legacy, continuing the story," she adds. "It was insanely cool to shoot and it has a great message. It's a coming-of-age movie that is all about women togetherness."

Credit: Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Luna, who is passionate about astrology, believes in magic outside the movie set. "I do have powers of my own. I really believe in the power of the mind, and anything you believe will happen for you," she says. "If I had superpowers like in The Craft, I would definitely change the world. I would make it a way better and more accepting place." Also: "Trump would not even be able to run in a presidential election," she adds with a laugh. "There would be no threats to society and the natural rights that we should all have."

Credit: Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The advocate for the LGBTQ community is encouraging everyone to vote in this presidential election, and urging Latinos to embrace diversity and inclusion. "For the Latino community and everyone in the world, it's time we put our judgments aside and start accepting everyone," she says. "I would say keep fighting and keep being proud of our heritage."

Sharing her own coming-out journey was a way for her to shine a light on other people struggling with their identity and sexual orientation. "I feel that my story and coming out as a young trans woman was very important," she says. "It really did change hearts and lives, and that was my goal."

The Mexican American actress — also known for her roles in the FX series Pose and in the movie Boundless, directed by Rosario Dawson — is grateful that her characters break stereotypes for both the Latino and the LGBTQ communities. "I think my characters show that we are here," she says. "We are not in the dark anymore."