The Puerto Rican duo talk to People CHICA about their upcoming album and share details of their Iconic 2020 tour.


It's been 20 years since the Puerto Rican duo Zion y Lennox formed, and to celebrate, they're going on their first tour of the United States. "We’re going to places we’ve never been before," Zion tells People CHICA of the Iconic tour, kicking off May 15 in Los Angeles. "We’re excited about that, but also ... we’re celebrating 20 years of our career, 2020, and our new album. Everything goes hand in hand, so it will be really special." Lennox adds that it will be a "celebration and concert full of success."

The duo's new album doesn't have a release date yet, but Lennox promises that it will reflect the full "essence of Zion y Lennox" and feature "lots of reggaeton." Zion adds that there will be a ton of collaborations — "collaborations that people have been waiting for, [with] El Alfa, Myke Towers, Sech, Nicky Jam."

Zion recently made headlines after a brief hospitalization in Mexico City earlier this month, but he recovered in time for Spotify's inaugural awards show, which awarded artists based on user-generated data about the most popular songs and albums on the platform.

For younger artists attempting to break into the music industry, the duo offered some advice. "Work hard and strive for your dreams, be genuine and original," Lennox says. "Leave everything in God’s hands — anything is possible with him."

If you want to know how they keep their musical chemistry so alive after all these years, though, you'll have to accept an answer that's somewhat harder to replicate at home. "The way we make music our voices merge, when they get together, there’s a lot of things that could happen," Zion explains. "It’s always organic. There’s a lot of magic between us two when it comes to making music, and that’s why it’s good."

Tickets for the Zion y Lennox Iconic USA tour 2020 are available now.