The reggaeton pioneers talked to People CHICA about their amazing trajectory and shared some details about their upcoming album.

Next year, Zion y Lennox will celebrate 20 years in music with gratitude and big plans. “It’s been 20 years of a lot of learning and growth,” Lennox tells People CHICA. “We will have a huge celebration.” They just put the final touches to a new dembow track with Chael and El Alfa. “We’re really happy with it,” Zion says. “We know people will love it because it’s a song you can dance to, with lots of energy.” This is one of the tracks that will be included on their upcoming album, recorded in Medellín, Colombia, during a creative music camp with other artists. “We took various artists and producers, and we were all working hard and creating together,” Zion recalls. “It was special.”


Their new album — which will feature artists like Sech, Nicky Jam and El Alfa — will preserve the essence of Zion y Lennox when they started out in 2000 as two of the pioneers of reggaeton, while also adding a “fresh sound to it that is very 2020,” Zion says. Their new single “Sistema” has a futuristic feel, taking them to a new level. “There are new fusions,” Zion adds. “We have been able to record with some of our favorite artists. This album has been the biggest challenge in our careers and the production that has flowed the best. We made it with a lot of love.”


Their winning formula seems like an act of fate. “My grandma lived a few blocks away from Lennox’s house, in the same barrio in Carolina,” Zion recalls. It was Lennox’s brother, Mackie, who formed part of the reggaeton duo Yaga & Mackie, who introduced them. They started recording together, and the rest is history. “We’ve been motivating people for two decades, making music with joy, with feeling — music to dance to and enjoy,” Zion says. “New talents keep surfacing,” Lennox adds. “They are looking back to find that sound of old-school reggaeton. Vintage reggaeton,” he jokes. “Not everyone can make a good reggaeton track. It’s not easy. You have to put your heart into it and get people dancing with your energy and sazón.”

They have sazón to spare and a friendship that has stood the test of time. “We know each other a little too well,” Zion admits with a laugh. “We respect one another and we’re always there for each other.” How will they say goodbye to 2019? They will spend New Year’s with la familia in Puerto Rico. “We’ve had a great year. We’ve taken our show and our joy all over the world,” Lennox says. “We were able to help various charities, we’ve done many positive things.” There are also big things in store for next year, like the new album and a world tour. “2020 is really activated!” Lennox concludes.