The inspiring YouTuber, entrepreneur, and mother is our March 2021 CHICA cover star.


Yasmin Maya, founder of Birdy Lashes and the face behind YouTube channel Beautyybird, is a powerful voice in beauty who's proud to smash boundaries. In this video, our March CHICA cover star talks about her journey, the times when she thought she wouldn't make it, and how finally, with a lot of faith, strength, and love from her family, she became a role model to follow. Read on for some of her go-to products and easy tips.

How do you define yourself?

I am a 30-year-old mother, wife, beauty entrepreneur, and lifestyle creator. I was born and raised in the state of México, from a pueblo called Amatepac. I came to the U.S. as a young teen. Being the only girl in the family, I taught myself how to do my makeup and loved glamming my mom and tías. 

How and why did you become a content creator?

I uploaded my first video on November 19, 2012. It narrates an incident that almost burned my face and burnt all of my lashes. Since then I have been a fan of falsies to define my eyes. In 2012, when I was 21, I took a leap of faith and decided to start my beauty YouTube platform and named it after my nickname "Birdy" but with a beauty twist, so it became Beautyybird

Eight years later, you're a big success with 3 million followers. How does it feel? 

I am a loud Latinx and feel proud of breaking barriers. I have used my voice to speak up and show how proud I am of my Mexican heritage. I feel honored to be seen as an inspiration to those who feel the need to hide their background to be accepted in the beauty industry. I have created a safe home for my Beauties and I am proud to have 3 million followers.

Yasmin Maya and Beauties
Credit: Cortesia Yasmin Maya

Last year was another milestone for you, with one more dream achieved. Tell us about it!

In 2020, I achieved the launch of my very own brand, Birdy Lashes, born out of my passion for the beauty industry, the love for my culture, and wanting to create lashes and lash tools that are not only the best quality but affordable for everyone.

Byrdie new lashes
Credit: Cortesia Yasmin Maya

Can you share a few beauty products you can't get enough of?

Some of my favorite and infallible makeup products that I use every day to get ready are a primer, because it makes your skin flawless and your makeup last longer — like the Dominique Cosmetics Ultra Hydrating Complexion Primer. I also use a highlighter to enhance my features and glow, and one of my favorites is the Artist Couture Diamond Luxe Luminizer Pressed Highlighter. Last but not least, a bright lipstick. I love red shades. I am loving a new brand called Dose of Colors that has an amazing range of liquid lipsticks and glosses.

Have the women in your family shared any natural beauty tips and tricks? Can you share one?

Of course! We all love and use aloe vera for our skin to hydrate and to heal when we have sunburns. I always have it handy and use it often to treat dark spots, too.