Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio met with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Washington, D.C. to discuss the rights of domestic workers.


Roma star Yalitza Aparicio and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined forces to fight for the rights of domestic workers. The Mexican actress, 26, shared a photo on Instagram with the New York representative, 30, saying she is thrilled to work together for a noble cause. “‘When you fight for the rights of domestic workers, the fight is not only for them, we are also fighting so that their children can have a dignified future.’ These words by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stayed forever engraved in my heart. I had the honor of meeting that strong, talented and brave woman that works every day to better the social conditions in her country. Thanks to our meeting, we could listen to one another and each share our point of view about the rights of domestic workers,” Aparicio wrote.

In Alfonso Cuarón’s film Roma, Aparicio — who worked as an elementary school teacher before being discovered for this Oscar-nominated role — plays Cleo, an indigenous domestic worker who becomes an essential part of the family she works for. The actress, of Miztec origin, has also been vocal about everything she learned from her mother, who was a real domestic worker in Mexico. “I tried to make a tribute to that job that I feel is so important,” Aparicio told the Associated Press. “I see it as what many women do in real life: They enter a home to work and give their hearts and their all as if it were their own family even though they have their own lives and sometimes difficult ones.”

Yalitza Aparicio y Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez was also inspired by her mother, who worked cleaning houses. “My mom was a domestic worker — she cleaned houses to support our family. As a little girl, I grew up reading books on other people’s staircases. I did homework on other people’s dinner tables. Today, as a congresswoman, I’m proud to cosponsor the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter last year, after introducing a new bill that would protect workers like her mother.