The Roma actress is joining a campaign to bring confidence and joy to those who have lost their hair.

Yalitza Aparicio has joined the Soriana Foundation, Banco de Tapitas, and Head & Shoulders for the second consecutive year in donating braids for oncological wigs. 

The Mexican actress took to social media to showcase the initiative that strives to bring joy and confidence to those who have lost their hair due to cancer. 

"A year ago, I made my dream of donating my hair and helping to bring confidence to those who need it most come true," she wrote on a post where the actress is pictured caressing her shorter locks. "This year, I'm proud to be a part of this project again with my family @headandshouldersla and @soriana." 

Her post served as a call to action, asking her followers to join her in this noble cause. 

"The donation of braids will be given to the @bancodetapitas Foundation for the making of wigs," she added. "I invite all of you to share this initiative so more people can donate; the steps are very simple." 

According to Aparicio, to donate, folks must follow these requirements: 

  1. Make sure your hair is not dyed or cut into layers. 
  2. Check for proper length: it should measure 30 centimeters once braided. 
  3. Once the hair is cut, tie both ends with a rubber band. 
  4. Store the hair in an airtight container with a card with your name, email, and phone number. 
  5. Take your braid to any Soriana Hiper and Super and turn it into customer service. 

Last year the Academy Awards nominee helped raise more than 1,200 braid donations. 

"Thanks to all who joined and supported the donation of hair that I started a few months ago with the help of my family at @headandshouldersla. Through @soriana and with all of your help, we collected more than 1,200 braids that will become oncological wigs made by the @bancodetapitas Foundation," she wrote in December of last year. "Today, many patients will share our roots, just as our strength and confidence as it accompanies them at all times. Thanks to all who were part of this! Let's keep going with our #headsheldhigh and giving our best to those who need us today."