A fan was asked to leave the Dominican singer's recent performance for wearing something the performer found unsettling.

Is Yailín La Más Viral afraid of singing to a crowd full of Karol G's?

Recently, Anuel AA's fiance has banned the use of colorful wigs at her performances as a preemptive "security" measure.

"As a security measure for today for Yailín La Más Viral's party we are not allowing access to people who are wearing colorful wigs," wrote Attika Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts, one of the event venues where the rapper performed on May 6, regarding the new measure.

Credit: Instagram/@yailinlamasviralreal

Fans who had purchased tickets were asked to leave, with one woman recording a video on May 5 where she discusses how she was asked to leave after she paid for a ticket to see the Dominican rapper in Newark, New Jersey.

"I was just escorted out of the Marbella Lounge for my wig, I went to see Yailín as a fan and they told me I couldn't be there, that I had to leave because Ms. Yailín said she wasn't going to sing if there was any woman with this color wig, meaning blue," the woman said. "I don't know if she means representing Karol G. I paid MY MONEY, to see her as a fan, and they took me out."

Fans on Instagram took the new measures seriously, criticizing the artist's decision to single out individuals that had already purchased tickets for her shows.

"This is what happens when you live behind the image of another person, when your insecurity is so great that you are not capable of accepting yourself, those gestures of desperation have mediocre results," one fan wrote.

"That's discrimination, I can wear my hair however I wish," another added.

Last week, the performer generated buzz around alleged comments she made regarding how she feels about the Colombian songstress at another performance.

The 19-year-old singer stopped mid-performance for a serious moment with the crowd and made comments that were allegedly aimed at Karol G.

Karol G y Yailin
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Prince Williams/Wireimage

"No one has called you again," she shouted repeatedly while pointing the microphone at the crowd. "No one has called you again, sl*t."

Then, as the music started to play in the background, she asked the DJ to stop and added, "Men don't like serious women, men like bad women. That's why the Domi [Dominican] trapped him, that's why he stayed with the Domi."

Despite Anuel and Yailín's spicy public romance, last week El Gordo y la Flaca broke the news that the Puerto Rican urban singer is expecting a daughter with a Colombian woman from Texas just days after Yailín revealed in an  Instagram Q&A that they were "in the process" of conceiving a child.

Karol G has not commented on the situation.