The Colombian actress and entrepreneur reunited with her daughter Luna after testing negative, but battled COVID-19 for weeks and described it as "a nightmare."


Ximena Duque has spoken out about battling COVID-19 while pregnant. The Colombian actress, 35, is expecting her third child and was hospitalized due to her severe symptoms. Although she has since tested negative and is back home with her husband, Jay Adkins, her teen son, Cristian, and her daughter, Luna, 3, the former Days of Our Lives star said her experience with the virus was "a nightmare."

It all started on January 4, when Duque's mom tested positive. Then Adkins and Luna tested positive, while Ximena and Cristian tested negative. "I started crying," she recalled. She sent her son Cristian to stay with his dad so he would not risk getting sick. A few days later, she experienced symptoms and tested positive. Having to see her daughter from afar and not being able to hug her or feed her was challenging. "The mind can either destroy us or lift us up from the ground," she said of the mental and emotional toll of the virus.

Duque had to be hospitalized due to difficulty breathing and having a fever for several days. "I didn't even look like me, I was swollen, red," she said. At the hospital, she was told she had pneumonia and both her lungs were affected. "You don't know what's going to happen," she added, recalling her fear for her own life as well as her unborn daughter's.

Duque, who shared her experience in an Instagram video, said the hardest part was being away from her kids and not being able to hug them while she went through this health crisis. "I'm more in love than ever, he's been a prince as a dad and husband," she said about Adkins, who offered her his relentless support.

The desire to go back home, to take a full breath, and be able to reunite with her kids and husband made her regain her strength. "Mom you are the strongest person I know, I am so happy that you are feeling better and getting back on your feet, no matter what is thrown your way, you always get through it," her son Cristian wrote on Instagram.

She said this experience totally changed her world. "This taught me the true value of health, of life," she shared. She also urged fans to protect themselves and others while this pandemic lasts.

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