Reggaeton star Wisin celebrates his daughter Yelena's 12th birthday with this sweet post on Instagram.

Por Lena Hansen
Septiembre 26, 2019

Wisin may look fierce and tough as he raps on stage and enraptures a live audience, but the reggaeton singer, 40, showed his sweet side as a dad with a birthday post he shared for his 12-year-old daughter, Yelena. “This princess named Yelena changed my life. The arrogant, overpowering young man disappeared when God gave me the opportunity of seeing you for the first time,” he wrote on Instagram. “Glory to God for your life, for how beautiful you are not only physically, but on the inside. Dad, mom, Victoria and Dylan love you and will always be there for you,” he add, mentioning his baby girl Victoria Yireh, who passed away shortly after she was born in 2016, due to the genetic disease trisomy 13.

The Puerto Rican singer also shared a photo with his wife Yomaira Ortiz, their birthday girl Yelena, and younger son Dylan. “You are my gift from heaven who made me mature and grow,” he adds in the heartfelt post. “I bless you my treasure, God has great things in store for kind people like you. Love you.”


Wisin says he has slowly healed from the pain of losing his baby Victoria, thanks to his faith in God and the support of his wife and kids. “Not everything in life is rose-colored. There are times in life that test what you are made of,” he told People en Español after the tragedy. “They are moments that drive you to weakness and you have to understand that there is a supreme power above you guiding your steps. The important thing is to learn from the situation and always glorify God, no matter what is going on.”

He admits he is more grateful than ever for his blessings today. “That experience taught me maturity, it taught me to live, to value everything I have,” he said to the magazine. “First I thank God for my health, for being able to breathe, to wake up in the morning.”