The actor and producer reveals the one thing he hopes his daughter will learn from her papá.

Spider-Man's uncle Ben said it perfectly, "With great power comes great responsibility." This is something that Wilmer Valderrama hopes to teach his daughter.

The actor and producer wants to show his daughter Nakano Oceana Valderrama how to love and respect herself as well as live a life that is full of values.

He tells People Chica, "You also need to love others and be there for others and be of service. I think that is the cycle. You know, you enjoy your blessings and then you give them back. That's ultimately what I want my daughter to realize."

Wilmer Valderrama attends Michael Muller's HEAVEN, presented by The Art of Elysium on January 05, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
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"I hope when she looks back at all the campaigns that her papá was a part of, that she sees why I was there for it. That as much as it was important [for others], they were for her, too. And I think that if I want her to walk away with anything it's that humility and [how] critical [needing to be] of service is [as] part of your ecosystem and that it makes you complete. It's how God wanted it, and [how] that's always supposed to be," he proudly affirms.

One campaign Valderrama takes pride in partnering with is the Red Nose Day organization as it sets out to help children with resources they otherwise would not have access to.

The NCIS actor notes that as a father, opportunities like this are truly important.

"Well, I mean, as a father, it's everything right? I've been very, very much involved in [the conversation about children] specifically when it comes to what do we do about paving the road for their next chapter, for their future," he explains.

Wilmer Valderrama attends the Premiere Of Disney And Pixar's "Onward" on February 18, 2020 in Hollywood, California
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"I think back [to] when my nephew was six years old—he's 22 now. When he was six years old, I saw what he was watching on TV and I decided to roll up my sleeves in partnership with Disney and I created a show called Handy Manny on the Disney Channel. It was the first bilingual preschool show for kids [during] the morning block and I realized very quickly that there [are] so many things about the elements in the ecosystem, about children that become a very tough conversation," he notes.

Valderrama recalls his early childhood and how formative the lessons he learned from his father were.

The famed actor details, "When I first came to the United States as an immigrant with my parents, we had a very humble start. We had a very humble beginning, and I'm very grateful [for] my dad—he wore himself out just trying to get food on the table for us. It was a very, very sobering moment to remember. Now, [I've come] full circle [and have] a 14-month-old daughter. I understand why you sacrifice [so much and why] campaigns like this really kind of facilitate and help."

He explains that campaigns like Red Nose Day go a long way to help "so many families and so many children" at a "crucial and critical" time.

Make a donation to Red Nose Day here, they can be made through May 31. Red Nose Day is celebrated May 26.