Christopher Levy remains hospitalized after suffering a serious accident in a golf cart in Florida.

Por Lena Hansen
Octubre 08, 2020

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez have broken their silence after their son Christopher, 14, was involved in a serious golf cart accident last week in Weston, Florida, and had to have surgery. The Cuban actor shared an emotional post on Instagram, posting photos of his son and thanking fans for their prayers. "Thanks to all those people that don't know us but are praying for our son Christopher as if he was family. May God heal Christopher and the other boys completely and quickly," he wrote. "For God anything is possible and he protects his servants who claim him. Christopher is a child of faith. We know that God was with him and the other kids and we have nothing but words of gratitude for God who never fails us. May he heal Christopher so he can continue to be a brilliant light on the baseball field and in every area of his life."

Levy also shared a photo of his son in his baseball uniform, pointing a finger at the sky. "Every time that Christopher shines on the baseball field, he thanks God and honors him and inspires others to do good and have faith in God like he does," he wrote. "He is a leader! May he always have the wisdom to use God's blessings to bless others. Amen!"

Christopher's mom, Mexican American actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, shared a photo of her son on Instagram as well, with the same message Levy posted. The telenovela star also posted a video of Christopher as a baby with her and Levy with the caption: "I love you my pretty boy. Mommy and daddy will always be at your side! And we will overcome this with God's favor. I love you with all my life, my little man. You are strong and loved by God!"