Cuban star William Levy and Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos star in the new remake of the iconic telenovela Café Con Aroma de Mujer, but how is their chemistry off-screen?

Por Lena Hansen and María Morales
Febrero 23, 2021

William Levy and Carmen Villalobos cover the new issue of People en Español and spoke to the magazine about filming the remake of the popular telenovela Café Con Aroma de Mujer in Colombia during a pandemic. The actors and the rest of the crew must get tested for COVID-19 every Monday, use masks, and follow social-distancing guidelines to stay safe. It helps that they are filming in luxurious haciendas in Chinchiná, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

"The novela starts with a couple [William and I] that has been in a serious relationship for five years," says the Colombian actress, 37, adding that as the story unravels the audience will see "if we love or hate each other," she jokes, adding playfully: "I will always love him. My character of Lucía will defend their love until the end." The Cuban actor, 40, says: "In real life we really have a lot of love for each other."

The story gets more complex when a love triangle emerges with "La Gaviota," played by Laura Londoño. For Villalobos, famous for her roles in narco-novelas like El Señor de Los Cielos and Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso, it's refreshing to be part of a classic love story and to play a villana for the first time.

Credit: Billy Coleman/@billycolemanphotography; Peinado y maquillaje: Norma Jane/@normajaneid; Estilista: Laura Moreno/@laura.morenob; Asistente de la estilista: Kamyla Oviedo/@soykamylaconk

Levy adds that his mother and grandmother were big fans of the original Café Con Aroma de Mujer, starring Guy Ecker and Margarita Rosa de Francisco as the star-crossed lovers. "I'm doing the novela for my mom and my abuelita," he jokes about his return to the soap opera genre after seven years.

Credit: Billy Coleman/@billycolemanphotography

Levy, who has acted in films like the thriller En Brazos de Un Asesino (which he also co-directed) as well as The Veil, Addicted, The Single Moms' Club, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, also spoke to the magazine about his personal life. Levy and Mexican American actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the mother of his two children, had the scare of their lives when their teen son Christopher was involved in a serious accident last year in Florida. The actor talks at length about his son's recovery and how this experience has changed their lives.

To read the complete interview, look for the new issue of People en Español, now on stands.