Co-Partners Ana Flores and Vanessa Santos share their hopes for the future of entrepreneurial women everywhere and how Latinas can earn a seat at the table.

For the last 12 years, #WeallGrow Latina has been championing the voices of the Latinx community within the United States.

The digital media, lifestyle brand and community platform based in Los Angeles, California, has made it its mission to elevate Latina voices through their virtual and in-person events, mentorship opportunities and resources that help expand the Latina presence in society.

Now, the brand will be launching its inaugural Las Founders conference in L.A. on July 30, a one-day event that will feature inspirational conversations with keynote speakers including Julissa Calderon, Margarita Arriagada, Liz Hernandez, Julissa Bermudez and Katie Echeverria, among others.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica Ana Flores, Founder & CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina, and Co-Partner, Vanessa Santos, shared deets about the inaugural event and how Latinas can continue getting a seat at the table.

Your platform has been a home and an inspiration for Latinas everywhere who have felt identified with the content you've created. How do you hope to continue doing this? 

Vanessa Santos: We're excited about the growth and evolution of our brand and our community. We recently launched our revamped website with an expanded editorial presence to continue to be the leading platform for elevating the voices and stories of impactful Latinas and femme Latines. Rooted in our pillars, Heal, Commune, and Grow, our stories spark meaningful conversation, inspire, connect and encourage our amigas to invite joy into their lives.

We feel strongly about building the world we want to see, and we hope to continue to do so through the resources, virtual events, IRL events, products, and services that we tailor-curate for our community.

We know the vast impact we've had [on] the millions of Latinas and femme Latines lives over the last 11+ years, and we will continue to plant the seeds to be a ripple effect of joy because, more than ever, that is what the world needs. 

Vanessa Ramos
Credit: Courtesy of #WEALLGROW Latina

You are famous for the #WeAllGrow Summit that happens on a yearly basis. How is Las Founders different and what can people expect?

Ana Flores: #WeAllGrow Summit caters to Latinas who are ready to invest in themselves and their dreams, whatever they may be. We gather some of the leading Latina voices in various industries and sectors, including wellness, media, business, the arts, and tech, for three days to heal, commune, and grow together via keynote conversations, workshops, fiestas, storytelling all in a setting to inspire awe and joy.

#WeAllGrow Las Founders is a one-day conference that caters to Latina and femme Latine founders. We honor the fact that Latina-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of women-owned enterprises in the United States.

Las Founders connects influential voices in the entrepreneurial space with our community to support their endeavors and help create opportunities to help them and their business grow and thrive. For business owners, from a dream to scaling and thriving, at any stage. #WeAllgrow Las Founders is the event for all current and future founders at any stage of their business.

We walk the talk and over 90% of our vendors, except for the venue, are Latiné and/or BIPOC-owned. Everything from the meals, the audiovisuals, decoration, florals, and more are sourced from Latin vendors so that we can continue investing in each other and build generational wealth.

Ana Flores
Credit: Courtesy of #WEALLGROW Latina

Aside from attending inspiring keynotes and panels, and hands-on workshops, the audience will have the opportunity to have their professional lifestyle photos taken by a professional photographer because a personal brand is key for any founder.

In true #WeAllGrow style, they will engage in a few ways to set their visions and manifestations for their businesses and invest in other Latinas by shopping in the Las Founders Marketplace.

We see Latinas rising to the top of their game and being recognized for their accomplishments. What are some ways in which we can continue to have a seat at the table? 

VS: By creating the table. We're not always going to have a seat at the table because those tables were not created with us in mind. If you have a table seat, pull a chair and invite an amiga. Everyone's path is unique; most important is that we continue to lean into our authentic selves and show up despite the table being there.

My partner Ana and I have leaned into tables where we were often the only Latina and realized that the only way we can continue to support more Latinas to flourish is to create our table and leverage community to help us all build socio and economic power. We know this to be true because we've seen it in action through our proprietary programming and events that when one grows, we all grow.