Ozuna has fans imitating his Instagram video singing his new single 'Amor genuino' in the shower. Watch the fun serenade!


Ozuna has fans raving about his new video of him singing “Amor genuino” in the shower. The reggaetón star shared footage of himself full of soap singing his heart out and his over 14.5 million followers on Instagram loved it. Now it has become a fun challenge among his fans, who are imitating him and posting their own videos singing in the shower. “Even when you're taking a shower, you sing beautiful. God bless your voice,” commented a fan. “Don't eat the shampoo!” another follower joked. “He got soap in his eye!” another wrote. It was definitely a smart promotional move to get the new song noticed!

The shower scene was definitely a smart promotional move to get the new song noticed!


The singer also reposted a fun collage of videos from his bath-time-singing fans that was shared by Univision's morning show Despierta America on Instagram. Some of them really get into it, karaoke-style! “This song is a hit,” one of his followers commented. A lot of fans also urged him to drop the entire song already, dying to hear the rest of it.

The audio and lyrics of the song were finally released by the singer a day ago, driving the internet wild. The romantic ballad stands out with heartfelt lyrics that show a new side of the urban music star, known for dance hits like “Baila, Baila, Baila” and “Ibiza.”

WARNING: If you're going to try this at home and post your own video singing in the shower, be careful about getting soap in your eyes and mouth and — accidentally exposing more of yourself than you want to!