Chiquis Rivera and her siblings take on the world in the new season of The Riveras. Watch the trailer!

Chiquis Rivera and her siblings come back for a new season of The Riveras on Universo. The trailer for the new season shows Jenni Rivera's children all grown up and making tough life decisions. The new season, premiering August 11, will show how Chiquis risks everything for love and starts a new chapter of her relationship with singer Lorenzo Méndez. Jacquie continues to navigate her divorce process and starts a new life as a single mom, recording her first album and opening up to love again. Mike is remodeling his new house, while Jenicka continues to take steps as a plus-size model and Johnny continues to question himself about his sexuality.


“For the first time I am saving everything for the reality show. I want the viewers to tune in and find out the truth about everything the media says about us,” Chiquis, the executive producer and star of the reality show, said in a statement. “It's important for us to be honest and transparent with our followers. Not everything is rose-colored. I have bad days, I cry, and I go through a lot. It's important to have a real connection with fans. That's how my mom was and it's important for the audience to know who I really am.”

In the suspenseful trailer, Chiquis talks about overcoming fears and looking forward. The trailer highlights fun moments like her bridal shower and shows her hesitation in leaving her siblings, letting them fly on their own to make a new life as Mrs. Mendez.