From acts of service to decluttering, the sign of the maiden is here to bring a much-needed dose of common sense into the air.


Feel like you've been burning with the flames of Leo for too long? Do not fret—the maiden is here to tame the lion and get things in order.

Virgo season has officially arrived! From August 22 to September 22 of this month, the sun will house itself in this sign, and we'll be feeling the cosmic energy of organization and logic.

Compared to Leo season, where we stepped out into the limelight and wore our shiniest personality, Virgo energy brings us a boost of common sense and gets us working on what needs to happen to go into the next season of our lives. It's a time for you to start checking what's working and what's not so you can make the right decisions from a place of measured intuition.

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  1. Start Setting Your Intentions for 2022 With the New Moon
    I know you might be thinking it's a little too early to think of 2022, but with the New Moon in Virgo on September 6, it's a great time to plant your intentions for the next six months. Everything that you set your attention to now will come to fruition in March of 2022. Start thinking, what small, measured, and actionable steps can I take to improve my life over the next six months?
  2. Organize and De-Clutter (Your Space and Your Life)
    It sounds cliché, but Virgos are known for being lovers of cleaning and organizing. They're also lovers of ensuring all things are planned and in order. Look around your house and your space and find that which no longer serves a purpose. Accept it's time to let go with gratitude, and find a new home for that coffee table that has been sitting in your garage since 2015 (it's time to move on, bae).

    This energy is also beneficial for all things self-care. Start a new exercise routine, get a check-up, or go for a walk outside as temperatures begin to cool down. Whatever way you choose to love yourself, the Virgo energy pushes us to focus inward on what matters.
  3. Support Others With Advice or Acts of Service
    Transitioning out of the self-centered energy of Leo, Virgo brings an energy of caring for others and being selfless. The maiden reminds us of the power of empowering ourselves by empowering others. Help a friend make a decision, or perhaps buy someone behind you in line some coffee. Both choices will leave you feeling fulfilled and great about expanding positive energy.