The model shared an emotional Instagram post after making magazine history.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 17, 2020

Victoria Volkova made history this month by becoming the first transgender woman on the cover of Playboy Mexico. The 27-year-old Mexican actress and activist for the LGBTQ community shared the cover of the November/December issue on her Instagram, with an emotional message about what this milestone meant for her.

"This cover celebrates the different ways of being a woman, the different ways of being beautiful, the different ways of exploring your sensuality and enjoying your process," she wrote. "I hope that with this cover people are more curious. More curiosity to know each other … more curiosity to know what it is like to be a trans person."

She also wrote that doing the cover shoot helped her with her own body confidence, and hopes that the feature will encourage others to remember that their differences make them beautiful. "For a long time I hated my body and hated being a trans woman, since I thought that was what made me a less valuable person, less deserving of love, less 'normal,'" she continued in her Instagram post. "But later I learned that the person who had to accept me was me ... because when you accept yourself first, you no longer care what others think of you."

Volkova, a vlogger and fashion design graduate, shared her transition story on social media, hoping to motivate other LGBTQ youth to follow their dreams. It is a groundbreaking cover for Mexico, a country still battling machismo and discrimination against the LGBTQ community. "Playboy Mexico is committed to the openness and diversity for which we fight daily in this country," the magazine wrote on its Instagram. "The brand has historically been singled out because pleasure is a benefit to all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race."

On her Instagram account, Victoria often shares her love for nature, fashion, beauty, animals, and art. "I choose me, I choose my mental peace and I choose love," the stunning beauty wrote in one post, along with photos of herself at the beach.