The Emmy award-winning journalist is also the co-founder of the nonprofit Sachamama, which works to empower and raise awareness in the Latino community of the importance of preserving our planet.

Por Alma Sacasa
Abril 22, 2021
Vanessa Hauc
Credit: Courtesy

Emmy award-winning journalist Vanessa Hauc has been leading Noticias Telemundo's special coverage of environmental issues culminating on Earth Day, celebrated around the world today. "We basically want to give our audience an overview of the health of the planet. How the air, the water, the cities, the Amazon and the oceans are doing," she tells People CHICA. "Above all, what can we do to face this climate crisis. Here, at Telemundo, we are committed to reporting on the impact of climate change. That's why it is very important for us to inform, empower and inspire our audience to live a more sustainable life."

The senior correspondent also is the host of Alerta verde and Planeta Tierra. "Alerta verde is a segment on a local [newscasts] while Planeta Tierra is on a national level and focuses on issues of climate change and sustainability," she shares. "We want to report on the news about the environment, how our planet is doing and to live in harmony with the planet."

Recent polls have shown that climate change has become a key issue in the Latino community, which the journalist attributes to the fact that Latin America has always embraced a sustainable lifestyle. "Our countries are the least polluting, we recycle by nature," explains Hauc, who was born in Peru and grew up in Colombia. "I remember growing up, I would give my used clothes to my cousins and I would get my sister's clothes; we wouldn't throw anything away. We didn't use plastic bags all the time. Instead we would use cloth bags. This culture of environmental protection is there; we also have a very special connection with the planet because we grew up surrounded by nature."

Hauc is also the co-founder of the nonprofit Sachamama, which works to raise awareness and empower Latinos to do their part in preserving our planet. "As a journalist, I saw the lack of information in Spanish for the Latin community. When you inform them on how their lives are impacting Earth and you tell them this what you can do to change, they're ready and willing to work," she expresses. "Which is why I created Sachamama, alongside my brother, who is a marine biologist. Together in eight years we have traveled all over the United States, given seminars creating climate leaders [and] informed our community inspiring them to take action and become agents of change."

Sachamama has an on-going campaign, The Ocean The Great Provider, to help protect 30 percent of the ocean by 2030. For more on this campaign, visit their website.