Por Hello Giggles
Updated Febrero 03, 2017
HelloGiggles / Meaghan Kirby

Up until this very moment, we've lived in a world in which text messages are ~forever~, meaning anything you send cannot be unsent. Now, obviously this is a nightmare for anyone who's ever had cold feet after sending a message to their crush or accidentally said something they shouldn't have. Thankfully, Instagram has added an “unsend” feature, allowing for a person to recall an Instagram direct message, and we cannot wait to use it next time we regret an Insta DM.

So how do you go about deleting your unwanted Instagram direct message? Say you remember that Harry Styles turned twenty-three yesterday, and while feeling bold at happy hour, decide to wish him a very happy birthday.

But, suddenly it hits you, “OMG, I'm just a regular person. I can't just go around wishing Harry Styles a happy birthday!”

So you decide to retract your message because you can't believe you tried to slide into Harry Styles' DMs. Shame on you. Luckily, Instagram has made it super easy and all you have to do is tap the message and you're presented with the option to either, “copy,” “paste,” or “unsend” the message.

Just press unsend, and you may be asked whether or not you really want to unsend, but the question will only be asked once:

Press okay and your message will be gone forever. It's important to note that a message can be unsent after someone has already seen it, but unlike Instagram direct messages, memory is forever.

Just like that, your message to Harry is gone.

Hopefully, more platforms start adding this feature so we can stop embarrassing ourselves on every social media platform.