Por Thatiana Diaz
Abril 20, 2017
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

United Airlines is in trouble… again.

A Mexican man was accused of trafficking his own child on a United Airlines flight, as told by his wife Maura Furfey to the Huffington Post.

Furfey says that she was on her way to Newark Airport to pick up her husband and 3-year-old daughter—who were returning from a family trip in Cancun, México—when she received a call from Port Authority for an “incident on the plane.”

The mother of Irish descent learned upon arrival that another passenger expressed their concern of a kidnapping because the daughter was fair-skinned and her father wasn't. “This passenger had no basis for this claim, nor any evidence to back it up,” she said.

The husband had been escorted off the plane by Port Authority and Customs and Border Patrol before anyone else could get off and they were taken to questioning. CPB told Furfey that they were following protocol after accusations from a passenger.

Although she received an apology and $100 travel voucher, Furfey wants the appropriate measures to be taken to prevent similar situations. “It is more important to us that United and other airlines review its procedures,” she says. “A simple check of the passports or flight records would clearly show that there was no problem in this situation…”

She concludes, “This was a terrifying experience for us… In this hateful political climate, we have been prepared, or so I thought ― but we could never have been prepared for this.”

United Airlines made headlines earlier this month after aggressively dragging a passenger off their plane after they wouldn't volunteer their seat on an overbooked flight.