If you're thinking of spicing up your look for the holidays, these easy tutorials will help you pull it off.


Tired of wearing the same look for the holidays? Want to sport a new hairstyle, but everything looks too complicated?

We get it. It's stressful enough having to show up at your family's Thanksgiving or Nochebuena party where your well-meaning tías and primas will be ready to bombard you with questions. That's why we scouted TikTok for the latest hairstyle trends you can pull off in a few easy steps.

Grab your brush, hair tools, and some hair ties and get styling!

1. Spiral Low Ponytail

This quick low ponytail look is quick, easy and requires no fancy tools or heat on your hair. First make two pig tails. Invert them by opening a hole at the top and then pulling the hair through. Then, bring them together into one ponytail by securing them with an elastic band. Cover the band with a loose string of hair, and ta-da!

2. TikTok's Flipped Updo

Your mind will be blown by how easy this hairstyle is. Simply separate your hair into different strands and tie at the front of your face like you're recreating a cascading beard. Then, pull all the strands to the back. Not only does it give total Disney princess vibes, it will certainly turn some heads.

3. Half-Up For Curls

If you want to show off your curls, but keep them under control, then this hairstyle is the one for you. Just grab some elastics, a comb and your favorite hair styling cream. This style looks great with any casual or fancy outfits.

4. Heatless Curls

Want to look like you went to the salon without all the effort? Then try this heatless curls tutorial. Using something as simple as socks, you can achieve beautiful curls and waves for your holiday parties.

5. Fancy Messy Bun

Try your usual messy bun, but make it fancy! Take your hair as it is, pull it up, wrap it, and voila. You can be ready to leave for your holiday gatherings in less than five minutes.