In this week's #Bookmarked series, Chica is bringing you five suspenseful thrillers that make you jump with fright.

Regardless of medium, the true crime genre has a way of satisfying the detective in all of us. Books have a special place in the heart of many as they allow for the reader to create their own mystical and fantastical world.

This week's set of books are filled with thrilling suspense and enough drama to keep you reading through the night.

For our #Bookmarked seriesChica is highlighting five books and authors across genres and ethnicities to bring you something that is as unique as your reading style.

1. White Elephant by Trish Harnetiaux

Henry Calhoun and his wife Claudine are the model citizens. They are a doting couple who own a very successful company. Every year they host a white elephant gift exchange with their employees as a way to have some harmless fun—that is until an unexpected gift appears. But the strange, unassuming gift holds secrets that the Calhouns would rather not remember.

2. A Mistletoe Murder: A Christmas Novella by Necole Ryse

A Mistletoe Murder mixes a little holiday cheer with a dash of murder. Follow along as Ashton Chambers and Mikayla Thompson find themselves at the center of an unfortunate case of trouble during the Christmas holiday.

3. The 19th Christmas by James Patterson

In another edition of Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, all is quiet in San Francisco until it isn't. Then it hits—the criminal known "Loman" returns and turns everything on its head.

The 19th Christmas by James Patterson
The 19th Christmas by James Patterson
| Credit: Little, Brown and Company

4. Orange Crushed by Pamela Thomas-Graham

Harvard economics professor Nikki Chase is looking for an escape for all the external and internal pressures of life. Then her old friend and mentor, Earl Stokes, mysteriously dies and she is left questioning everything (including the police's ruling). Chase embarks on a journey to find out what really happened to her friend.

Orange Crushed by Pamela Thomas-Graham
Orange Crushed by Pamela Thomas-Graham
| Credit: Simon & Schuster

5. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

In a race against the clock (and history), 19-year-old Ruthie has to find her mother and save her from suffering a horrible fate. Dive into this time-jumping historical thriller that will keep you thinking "just one more page."