Get to know the charismatic Dominican sex therapist Doctora Nancy Alvarez, who gets real about sex and relationship advice!

Who is La Doctora Nancy Álvarez? The Dominican sex therapist is an icon for the Latinx community who has helped to break down stereotypes and taboos about sex and relationships. The licensed clinical psychologist, sexologist, and family therapist hosted the talk show ¿Quién Tiene La Razón?, offering televised counseling to Hispanic families and couples about their interpersonal issues. Here are five things to know about the charismatic Queen of Chaca-Chaca, as she is known to her fans.


1. She is known for her real, no-filter approach to all topics regarding sex and relationships. For decades, she has tackled topics such as infidelity, sexually transmitted diseases, keeping the flame alive after marriage, building trust in the bedroom, and how to be a good lover. She has helped an infinite number of couples and families with her advice columns and books.

2. She found love again and got married at age 60. She found her soulmate in Colombian doctor Alvaro Skupin and got over her own fear of marriage by saying “I do” in a romantic ceremony in Walt Disney World in Florida in 2012. “It was a dream come true,” she told People en Español of her wedding. “I felt butterflies.”


3. Her comments about sex can make anyone blush! Thankfully her husband is not intimidated by her vast knowledge of the Kama Sutra. “I had vaginal loneliness, but not any more!” she joked to People en Español as a newlywed in 2012. “He is a great lover. He is a man that is not afraid of a woman who knows about sex,” she added about her hubby.

Columna, de sexo y más, Dra, Nancy Alvarez, cuarta entrega

4. She was an actress before she became a famous TV sexologist. She loves the arts and worked in theater in the Dominican Republic before she won over audiences as a talk show host and author.

5. Her love of life and sense of humor are contagious. She loves to travel, enjoy gourmet meals, and dance the night away. She is an example that is never too late to fall in love and that life should be lived to the fullest.