Famous Puerto Rican astrologer and psychic Walter Mercado talks about the future of Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 30, 2019

What does the future hold for Puerto Rico after the resignation of governor Ricardo Rosselló? Will Venezuela be free to establish a new democratic government and end Nicolás Maduro's oppressive regime? Famous Puerto Rican astrologer and psychic Walter Mercado talked to People en Español about the changing politics in these two countries. “When the problems with governor Ricardo Rosselló started, I predicted that he would be out of his throne by the end of June. August 2 is just a few days away,” he said about the resignation of Rosselló, effective in August. “In critical times Puerto Rico has come together. I saw lots of people in the streets, lots of Puerto Ricans united.”

He added about the future of his native island after Rosselló leaves his post: “We are entering a time of readjustment. The government needs to readjust, it needs to do cleansing. I see a very positive future. A new Puerto Rico is being born, it's a baby. We had a cosmic birth.” He also expressed his confidence in the future leaders of the island. “I have faith that there are great politicians, serious and responsible men, people who are prepared to face any problem and clean the corrupt part of government,” he said.

Mercado also seems hopeful about the future of Venezuela. “I love Venezuela. I spent wonderful times there, they would fill my hotel suite with white roses. Venezuela was a treasure, it was like Paris, it was a wonderland,” he recalled of the country, now in political turmoil and facing a humanitarian crisis.

“I know that Venezuela's ripe fruit is about to fall, Maduro is about to fall,” he said about Nicolás Maduro. “He has held on to his position and has an entourage of Cuban spies, but just as I said that [Hugo] Chávez would die and he died three months later, I see that he has to leave Venezuela because it has to become the Venezuela I once knew. I can say that he is agonizing, that these are the final times of his horrendous government,” he concluded about Maduro.