Fitness expert and trainer Idalis Velazquez shows us a fast and easy work out that requires minimal space.

Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Enero 03, 2017

After all the lechon and coquito, the season for New Year's resolutions and getting back to the gym is in session.Whether you're a college student returning back to your dorm room or simply that you refuse to step outside to the freezing cold, we know that you'll somehow always find an excuse to ditch your fitness routine, especially if you lack the space.

But who says you need lots of space to get in a good workout? No gym? No problem. We've got you covered!

Fitness expert and trainer Idalis Velazquez shows us how to achieve an effective workout that requires little space and time. This way you can stay in shape by learning these five moves to work out anytime, anywhere, no matter what.

For this workout, no equipment is required. “All that is needed is your own body weight,” says Velazquez.

Idalis is a trusted fitness expert and TV personalized based in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. She is the creator of the at home workout DVD program ALL IN 18 DVD; the first fitness DVD program available in both English & Spanish. Velazquez also serves as Fitness Advisor for Women's Health Magazine.