Zulema Arroyo Farley, the Latina Medium, shares her story with People CHICA and talks about her gift to connect people with loved ones who crossed over to the other side.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 18, 2019

Since she was 5 years old, Zulema Arroyo Farley realized she was different than other kids her age. “My mom would find me in the backyard. We had a roundabout and she would find me talking to people I couldn't touch or see, and my mom used to call them my imaginary friends,” Arroyo Farley, also known as the Latina Medium, tells People CHICA. However these were not imaginary beings, she would later realize, but people that had passed away and could communicate with her due to her gift. “I get information about your past, your present and your future from your loved ones that have crossed over,” she says. “Our loved ones still come to visit us, especially children. If you have a child that is saying that someone is appearing and it's someone they know, you better believe them. Don't infuse fear into it because there is nothing wrong with what they are going to do, you are not in danger, they are not coming to do anything bad to you. They are just letting you know that they are with you,” she says of dear ones who have passed away.

Zulema had her first color apparition when she was 8 years old. “That is seeing someone like I'm seeing you in front of me as if they were alive,” she explains. She had a vision of her maternal grandfather, abuelo Santos, coming in an ambulance in a stretcher to visit her at home. “I swore my whole life, until I was in my twenties, that this had actually happened in real life and it didn't happen,” she says of this vivid vision of her grandpa. “I had the premonition three days before his death. He ended up dying from a sudden heart attack when I was in school one day.”


She also used to get premonitions about accidents. “When I was 15, I'm driving almost to my house and I get a premonition that I'm going to be in a car accident and exactly within 10 minutes I was in an accident,” she recalls. “The feeling just takes over you and you can visualize it and you know it's going to happen.” That happened again when she was older and driving on a highway in California. “Since it had happened before, I said: ‘God just protect' me because I knew there was nothing I could do to get out of it,” she says. She was lucky to survive as well as the other people involved in the crash. “I was spun across all four lanes in a brand new car and one of the persons went over a cliff, like a ditch. Helicopters came and everybody walked away from it.”

That time she also asked her father to watch over her. “My dad died when I was 13 months old so I never knew my dad. I know him from photos, but I have always known he is with me and I can always feel when he walks into a room,” she says. Years later, she would find out that her medium psychic abilities came from her father's side of the family.

For 45 years, she suppressed her medium psychic abilities because she was afraid of being misjudged. “If I would've gone to my mom or to my friends they would've called me crazy,” she admits. “I knew 100 percent that my mom would never accept it or allow it. My mom had very strong convictions for me not to do it.” However, after she came out publicly to the world and revealed she is a psychic medium in a Despierta America interview on July 18 of 2018, one of her paternal cousins sent her a Facebook message that said: “We are so happy that someone in the family has the guts to accept their gift and use their gift to help others”. This confused her at first, until her cousin revealed a family secret. “She reveals to me that my grandmother, my dad's mom, had passed three weeks ago and she was a psychic medium, and my great grandfather was also a psychic medium.”


She then understood she was meant to connect people with loved ones who had passed and relay their messages. She currently does five readings a day, being booked through August with appointments that can be made on her site thelatinamedium.com. Former Puerto Rican Miss Universe and actress Dayanara Torres is one of countless people she has connected to loved ones who have passed away. “I was suppressing it, I acted like it didn't exist. I wasn't open to it,” Zulema says of her gift, which she has since embraced. “Most people that are mediums, especially in the Hispanic world, they don't realize it because there is such a lack of information and you're not allowed to do it. They think it's brujeria, it's witchcraft and they don't understand that they are two completely different things, opposite of each other,” she assures.

Nobody knew about her gift apart from her husband. “I told him after we got married. My husband from the get-go was totally supportive. I was terrified!” she admits. “I thought: ‘Now I'm going to tell him and he will divorce me'”. The opposite happened. “He believed me and supported me,” she says. When she stopped suppressing information and opened up to being a psychic medium after decades of concealing it, her health improved, Zulema says. “I suffered anxiety my whole life and I didn't know where it came from,” she says. “Now I know, it's very normal for mediums to suffer from extreme anxiety. All those things being suppressed cause autoimmune issues. I'm finally able to be me and live my purpose and the life that I should have lived a long time ago.”

She also wants to end misconceptions about psychic mediums. “This is all in the positive light, this is in the white light of God, this is not negative,” she says. “We don't work with negative energy. My gift allows me to raise my energy, my frequency and vibration and they lower theirs, we meet in the middle, that's why it's called a medium,” she explains about the spirits she connects with. “As a medium I've never had a negative or low energy come to me. If it did I would be able to recognize it and not let it through. It's very different from the high energy frequency that we read.”

Although people constantly approach her for a reading when they run into her, there is a time and place for it. “I need my own time and personal life. I have been trained very well by my spiritual teacher not to bend those rules,” she says. “She helped me to set boundaries and parameters with spirits. Spirits are not allowed in my room when I go to bed, I hang an imaginary ‘Do not disturb' sign when I'm sleeping. A spirit cannot wake me up unless it's an emergency and something I can prevent.” She also starts and finishes each day with meditation, and makes sure to allow free time to rest and enjoy vacations with her husband like a recent trip to Madrid.


Zulema hopes people can learn from her experiences. She is the author of So Much More (Atria Books), a memoir where the sarcoma survivor and philanthropist talks about her fight with this rare form of cancer and other chronic illnesses. “The book talks about my colorful unicorn life,” she says with a laugh. “Whatever you are going through, you can still live your best life; you are in control” is the inspirational message of her autobiography. She is in the process of writing a second book on her experiences as a medium psychic, so stay tuned!

Living with her gift requires a bit of a sense of humor. “I've had girlfriends that call me to say: ‘For the sake of God I cannot find my keys, I've been looking for them, where are they?' and I tell them. My husband likes to play tricks with me sometimes when I'm traveling and he is here by himself. One day he said: ‘Tell me where I am and what I'm doing,” she recalls, and replied to her awe-struck soulmate: “Ok, you were headed home and you turned back. Now you're sitting at L'Entrecote having a steak with a bottle of Bourdeaux in hand. We have an ability to do something called remote viewing, so I can ask them to take me to a place and location and show me,” she explains. However she doesn't ask about winning lotto numbers or questions about her own personal issues. “I also want to be surprised in life,” she concludes. “I don't want to know everything!”