Hear Thalía's new collaboration with Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky, and find out whether she'll ever return to telenovelas.


Thalía never ceases to amaze! The Mexican superstar just released a new single with Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky and the music video has a funky, retro vibe. They are “incredible guys, good friends,” she says about the talented brothers, who are the sons of music legend Ricardo Montaner. “Doing this collab is really exciting, it was good energy,” she tells People CHICA. “The lyrics are very sexy and the video is extremely new — retro ’80s, cool, surprisingly fun.”

Thalía says Mau y Ricky sent her the song “Ya Tú Me Conoces” for her to include on her upcoming album, and when she heard their voices in the demo, she loved the idea of recording it together. “We have so many surprises, we have been working on it for a year now,” she says about the album. “I’ve been in writing camps, in the studio producing with musicians, authors, producers, and it’s been an incredible experience. Right now music is very fun because it’s very freeform. I love that it has the element of reggaeton or urban. That sound to me is the new global sound, the new pop. It’s very general because you can mix that sound with bachata, with salsa, with pop, with regional Mexican — whatever you want.”

The pop music icon has also recorded collaborations with Natti Natasha, Maluma, Lali, and Fat Joe, and has kept her fans guessing for over three decades.


What would the 48-year-old singer and actress tell her younger self? “Life is simple, don’t complicate it, don’t judge yourself that much,” she says. “I tend to be very hard on myself, with everything I did, always. Like, why’d you do that? Why’d you say that? In this interview you could have said that. Or you could have sung that. Why’d you sing that in the concert? Or why’d you move like that? Or oh my God, the clothes! I was very cruel with myself.” Thalía says she would apologize to herself for not being more loving and understanding back then. “I would tell her sorry. Just be yourself and f*** the rest!”


In the 1990s, Thalía was the queen of telenovelas with the success of her beloved characters in Marimar, María La Del Barrio, and María Mercedes. Would she consider doing a cameo role in a new series or film? “Telenovela no — I think that was an era and it’s there in time.” she says. “It’s like a cult, because you know in my soap opera world those are cults, meaning every time they put them on TV, people watch them, they make memes and have fun with them and make TikToks and that’s fantastic. But I don’t see that right now translating in this world that is so easy and so fast. People’s attention spans are like one minute, so I see it more going toward that direction, but not a soap opera cameo. I love acting and producing. Being behind the camera too is insane.”

She also talked about her niece, Camila Sodi, 33, who is following in her footsteps as an actress and playing the leading role in the remake of the iconic telenovela Rubí, airing on Univision. “We have such a good time every time we get together,” Thalía says. “We just never talk about our work. We never talk about my music or her projects. We never talk about that.” Thalía — who is married to music executive Tommy Mottola and has a daughter and son — says she and Camila bond more over their personal lives and their roles as mothers. “We just talk about us and things like, ‘It’s so difficult to be a mother,’ or [our kids], and we laugh constantly about that. The glamorous life is one thing, but the everyday [reality] of chasing kids is another!”