The iconic trio talk about creating music together and learning from one another while making their new Facebook Watch show.

Thalía, Farina, and Sofía Reyes join forces in the new Facebook Watch show Latin Music Queens, premiering today. "It became a beautiful friendship," Thalía tells People CHICA about her collaboration with Farina, 34,  and Sofía, 24, on a new song and upcoming music video. "I discovered so much about Farina as an artist, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter," adds the singer, who recently released "La Luz" featuring Myke Towers. "I discovered so much about Sofía as a daughter, as a sister, her way of seeing life, her spirituality. That connection with them both is so real. Each episode is an open book where you're going to see us laugh, cry, get mad, get intense, and you'll get to know more about each of us."

Sofia Reyes, Farina y Thalia
Credit: Uriel Santana

The iconic Mexican singer and telenovela star, 49, assures there are no rivalries on this show. "It's a great way to project female empowerment in music and the world," she says. The show will feature the stars in all their glory, but also uncover the real women behind the divas you see on stage. "You will get to know my family. You will see my day-to-day, you will see the Farina that wakes up with no makeup on and transforms before she gets on stage," says the Colombian reggaetonera, whose new music video "A Fuego" has surpassed 13 million views on YouTube. "We will show people that women are more powerful and stronger together."

The Queen of Latin Pop, as Thalía is known to her fans, hopes her art of reinvention is something she can pass on to these younger stars. "I feel it's been many years of learning, of growth, evolution, constantly shedding my skin," she says. "I feel that in some way they can learn something from me, from my shortcuts. I have learned so much from them. They fill me with energy, with joy. I see their ideas and the way they look at life differently and that excites me and makes me want to go for more."

For Sofía Reyes, who recently released the single "Echalo Pa' Ca," Thalía was the icon she looked up to when she dreamed of becoming a singer and actress, and working with her now is surreal. "Thalía was always that role model for me," she says. "Getting to know her as a person was incredible. She has a beautiful soul. Learning from her and hearing about her life now is like magic."

The bond all three share has been the most rewarding gift. "I feel a lot of love for both of them," Reyes adds. "You see Farina rapping and she looks all tough but she is such a loving person." Reyes can't wait to see their new music video, out soon. "The song reflects the essence of the three of us. It's an urban pop song with a regional Mexican vibe. Then Farina comes in rapping and adds all her flow."

The docuseries — produced by the Mottola Company Inc., eOne, and Sony Music Latin — with music guru Tommy Mottola, Thalía's husband, as the executive producer, premieres today. Catch new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) on Facebook Watch.