The Mexican American artist talks to CHICA about her new song and upcoming EP.
Tatiana Hazel
Credit: Zanah Marie

Chicago-born musician and fashion designer Tatiana Hazel started writing songs at age 9 and playing guitar at 11, and now she's living her lifelong dream. Her new single, "Don't Care," is out today, and an EP is in the works. "It's sort of about wondering what went wrong in a relationship, but thinking about all the different things that could have changed, but then realizing I don’t really care because everything happened the way it was supposed to," she tells People CHICA of the song. "There’s also a music video coming out for it that is a fashion film featuring clothes that I designed.”

Later this year, Hazel is set to release her EP. "I feel a lot of duality within myself and I feel like others do, too," she says of the music's themes. "I’m Mexican and American, speak Spanish and English, and have a lot of divided interests. So when it comes to identity and sexuality, and in a lot of ways, the word [duality] encompasses me."

It was important for the Mexican American artist to self-produce her first EP, but she's always open to collaborating with other people and working with a major label. "I never really did because I didn’t think it was something I should do or could do subconsciously," she says. "I wanted to break that stigma. I started doing it because I couldn’t find people to work with, so [it was] out of necessity, but now that I am doing it more I actually really love it."

Hazel, who taught herself how to play guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and drums, considers herself an introvert, but manages to set that aside for her performances. "I would rather be on stage performing in front of 500 people than just talking to a small group of people," she shares. "It just feels different than being social for me."

Her other passion is fashion; she has styled artists like Kali Uchis and Girl Ultra and designs her own outfits for her performances. "I’ve always been inspired by people in fashion like David Bowie, or Cher, who has so many amazing outfits," she says. "Just watching music videos and awards shows over the years has really inspired me."

She wants listeners to take the message of self-love from her music and apply it to themselves. "The majority of my music is about loving yourself. Sometimes it’s different things, mostly love-related, but it’s always about doing what’s best and healthiest for yourself," she says. "Really about doing what’s best for you and shaping your life to be the way that you want."

Listen to the new single below.