Access Hollywood fashion correspondent and Mexican American stylist Lilliana Vazquez talks about her collaboration with Kohl's and offers style tips for Latinx chicas.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 31, 2019

Lilliana Vazquez fell in love with fashion as a little girl. “My love for fashion started at four years old. My aunt was an incredible seamstress,” she recalls. “She loved to sew, she loved fabrics and she was an inspiration for me. She would help me make clothes for my dolls. It's such a special part of my childhood, picking fabrics and learning the art of design.”

The Access Hollywood fashion correspondent and Texan stylist — of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent — talked to People CHICA about her collaboration with Kohl's for the Outfit Bar. “I am the first spokesperson they have brought on company-wide,” she says about Kohl's, which showcases designs by Jennifer Lopez and PopSugar, among other popular labels.

“The concept of the Outfit Bar came out of research and conversations with millennial moms who are shoppers,” Vazquez explains. “It's a way for women to shop the best of the entire store — of every department and collection — all in one place. The one thing that millennial moms have in common is that they don't have time to put together an outfit, but they want to look good for all those life experiences, whether it's date night with their husband, girls' night out, or their child's play at school. That's what the Outfit Bar does — it picks the best styles throughout different departments at Kohl's and merchandises them into different looks. It's constantly evolving style and points of view based on trends in the market. It's giving real women access to a stylist like myself for free, because the experience is curated for you in the store. I put together head-to-toe looks that work perfectly.”

Vazquez adds that she takes into consideration that Latinas come in different shapes and sizes when she picks her looks for the Outfit Bar. “I love silhouettes that really accent the waistline, whether that is styling with great accessories like belts, or cinching at the waist or tucking things in. I make sure that is represented in our mannequins to see a woman's shape. Jumpsuits have been a huge part. We have an entire jumpsuit wall! High-waisted pants with a tucked-in top or a crop top really allow you to see what I think is the sexiest part of a woman: her beautiful waistline and curves.”

She is also motivating shoppers to experiment with fashion. “It's the first time that Kohl's has seen so much color,” Vazquez jokes. “I believe in color as a massive mood elevator. You see women come alive when they wear color.” In her own closet, you will find “way too much!”

“I'm a ‘more is more' kind of girl. I love to layer, I love pairing things that traditionally don't go together, like something that feels really girly and feminine with something that feels more masculine and edgy,” she adds. “You will find a lot of shoes. I'm a dress girl and I live for color. You will find a lot of bargain clothing. I'm almost 40 and I'm very blessed to be successful at what I do. I definitely splurge on an expensive bag, but I'm not beyond Forever 21 or Kohl's. You will find a lot of [pieces] under $25 in my closet!”