February 28, 2017 05:36 PM

Joao Gabriel and Luis Alberto Aguilera have both proven with DNA tests to be children of Juan Gabriel. Now, both sons want to share the inheritance of the late Divo de Juárez. One of their lawyers, Annalie Álvarez, spoke with El Gordo y La Flaca (Univisión) and assured that the matter will be publicized in a suitable setting. “The court has said that it is a very important issue and that at this point the court will consider the allegations that have been made,” she said.

Joao Gabriel’s lawyers demand that Ivan Aguilera, recognized as the universal heir of Juan Gabriel, bring his father’s will to court. “It was also revealed that Ivan is selling property under the noses of the court and is selling properties that are under the name of a company where Juan Gabriel was the sole owner,” added Alvarez, who was questioned before the judge carrying the case that would determine if Aguilera really is the son of the late singer.

Cortesia de la Familia Aguilera
Michael Caulfield/WireImage; Instagram/borjavoces
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The judge asked to see Joao Gabriel’s birth certificate and asked that Joao Gabriel, Luis Alberto and Ivan Aguilera meet at a forthcoming hearing – which may be the first time the three brothers come together face-to-face.

In an exclusive interview with People en Español in Southwest Ranches, South Florida, where Juan Gabriel resided, Ivan Aguilera spoke of his brothers, which he claimed to never know while his father was still alive. “It’s sad to know that the people who were with us knew this secret and they did not tell us,” he said. “They thought we needed to be protected, but we did not need protection. We needed to know the truth to make the right decisions.”

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