Sofia Vergara
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

For Sofia Vergara, her best allies are her sense of humor and self-confidence. The Modern Family (ABC) actress, who is one of People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women in 2017, revealed exclusively to the magazine some of her secrets to business success.

“Being successful in the business world depends a lot on being personal enough to grow, focus and not lose the drive [and] the desire,” says the 44-year-old Colombian entrepreneur, who has her own furniture collection and line of perfumes, among other businesses. “You can never be intimidated by people with bad energies. You have to live without the fear of making a fool out of yourself or dreaming big. ”

The wife of actor Joe Manganiello admits that looking for the positive side of things has been key in her life. “I see people everywhere who inspire me with their ability to be invincible, to get a joke and make something positive even in the most difficult situation; or have a lot of discipline, perseverance, courage, while surviving horrible things; or families with children that have health problems who do not complain, fight for them and celebrate life. I am fascinated by special love stories, people who discover their mission in life and dedicate themselves to fulfilling it,” she shares.

According to Vergara, laughter may be the best therapy. “There are examples of success and passion, sources of inspiration in every corner. If you simulate conversation with people and discover the positive of the world, you can learn every day,” she reflects. “In my case— the humor, the decision of one to laugh regardless of what is happening to them in life, is what inspires me the most to enjoy everything.”