Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product dropped a video for her latest track, which highlights the benefits of bilingual duplexity and gets a little political.

Although Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product's latest track “Bilingue” explores the duplexity of her identity as a bilingual Chicana, its messaging is universal to the first generation and the Latinx experience.

The song, rapped in both English and Spanish, gets slightly political as she owns what speaking both means. She raps: “I ‘Jaja' con jota ‘Hahaha' with the ‘J' ” and continues on with “I speak English and Spanish, I'm bi [pause] lingual all day / F*** Trump Wait, oops that slipped out / Man, I never know who's in this crowd.”

As someone of Mexican descent, her remark highlights a frustration with the demonization of the people of America's southern neighbor by the U.S. powers that be. President Trump has publicly attacked undocumented immigrants from Mexico, saying back in 2016: “They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Snow's fast-paced delivery and clever lyrics serve to own the insecurities that are attached to the idea of “Ni de aqui Ni de alla,” which translates to “nor from here nor there” and identifies a lack of belonging in both your parents' native country and the land in which you are born in. The rapper appreciates both cultures. She says, “Yo sí soy de aquí y soy de allá,” which means, “I am from here and I am from there,” embracing both cultures.

Born Claudia Alexandra Feliciano, the San Jose, California, native is solidifying her alter ego as well as highlighting the awesomeness of bilingual music with her latest track. Originally adopting the name of Snow White, after the Disney character, she later added her own satirical spin on her name, hence “Snow Tha Product.” The video, a vibrant visual treat, switches through a rainbow of backgrounds with scenes of the artist consuming, well, products: a Corona in her hand, eating Hot Cheetos and churros.

And, sweetly, the video has a cameo from her mother! Watch it below.