The Colombian producer talks to People CHICA about working with J Balvin and shares details about his future goals.
Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Buchanan's Whisky

At just 27, Sky Rompiendo has become a super-successful producer in the urban music industry, which stems from his hits with J Balvin — "Ginza," "Bobo," and "Safari," for example. But years before working alongside the Colombian superstar, Sky had already started making his mark.

"I started when I was 13, and by the age of 15 or 16 I was already in the studio," he tells People CHICA. "From there I started to do music with the upcoming artists from Colombia. That happened to be Balvin and Maluma and this generation that is on top right now."

His instant connection with Balvin has resulted in the creation of hit after hit. "I met José when I was 18, still in school, and it was supernatural the way we connected," he recalls. "It was during promos — I used to play for an artist that was performing at the same place as José, promoting in different schools in the city. We met there and got to the studio and the rest is history."

They recently teamed up for Balvin's latest album Colores, released earlier this month. They started work over a year ago and finalized it within a few months, but then ended up having to release it amid the global coronavirus pandemic (Balvin seemed to briefly consider delaying the release). Critics and fans alike have been loving Colores, but Sky admits that it's hard not to be able to go out and enjoy the album's success as he usually would.

"It’s a very strange time and the first time I have to adapt to this situation," he says. "It’s different when you can go and party and listen to the songs in the car, or go to the beach or a club and dance to it and enjoy the album like the other ones, and like you do normally. When you can’t do that, it's difficult for us to sit here and listen to the opinions, because they are affected by this situation."

Each track on the album is named for a color, and for the Colombian producer, "Azul" is the track that stands out more than any other. "It's the song I enjoy listening to most and gets me in a better vibe," he says. "I love the whole album, but 'Azul' is special for me because I put the old team together ... it’s a very good vibe."

While we'll continue hearing his collaborations with J Balvin, Sky has plenty of plans to work with other musicians, and hopes to one day get in the studio with Rihanna and Big Sean. "[I have] a lot of goals in mind, not only to be a top producer on the English side of music or to be a big entrepreneur, not only making music, but developing artists and new projects and working with technology and music," he says. "A lot of goals that I set for my career that I am looking forward to achieving." He also has a new single — "Le Creo," featuring Feid and Jowell y Randy — coming out this Friday. If it's anything like his other work, then it's safe to say you'll have it on repeat all year long. Check out the single art below. 

Le Creo
Le Creo