This #TikTokTuesday, we’re breaking down the newest viral trend that promises to make wrinkles a thing of the past—but does it even work?
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From liquid blush to powerful exfoliants, we're loving the product recommendations we've gotten from TikTok, but sometimes, viral tricks can do more harm than good.

The latest skin care craze to hit TikTok is face taping, a trend that promises to smooth fine lines before they become wrinkles.

Across the app, we've seen creators stick everything from surgical-grade tape to Scotch Tape onto their foreheads, claiming that sleeping an entire night with tape adhered to their faces can smooth out fine lines.

In a viral video from @theaussierapunzel, we see the hack in action, and it does seem as if the hack appears to be working after six days of overnight use.

Now, we may not be scientists, but we like to do our research when it comes to skin care hacks and trends that claim to miraculously transform anything—what exactly is happening here?

"By putting tape on your forehead, it reminds you not to elevate your brow so high to create lines. It's just a way to remind yourself to limit the movement of your eyebrows, and that's why her wrinkles seem to get better, but putting tape on your forehead, just in general, is not going to make your wrinkles better," explains Doctor Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon with over 7 million followers on TikTok, who frequently debunks beauty myths.

Essentially, it's not the tape that does anything, it's the lack of movement. If you never moved your face muscles again, you also wouldn't get wrinkles.

However, the tape hack is only temporary. While you may see a slight difference immediately after removing, the effects will disappear throughout the day.

In addition to its non-permanent results, the tape craze can also do some serious damage to your skin if you regularly use an adhesive tape, which could lead to skin barrier damage, hyperpigmentation and even a scarring.

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If you really want to try the trend, stick to water-activated patches that have less adhesive and keep in mind that results will only be temporary.

For now, your best bet for preventing fine lines and wrinkles in your early twenties is still the skin care holy grail: sunscreen.