Cuban American singer Pitbull talks about being a positive influence on his young followers and promoting education.

Cuban American singer and entrepreneur Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull, is also shining as a motivational speaker and education ambassador. The Miami born artist, 38, went from being ‘Mr. 305' to becoming ‘Mr. Worldwide' thanks to his talent and relentless effort, and now wants to have a positive impact on his young followers. Besides making music, he is passionate about motivating others to follow their own dreams and reach their full potential.

“It's not about making it, it's about maintaining it,” he told People en Español about success. “Once you maintain it, it's about being happy. I am honored to join Tony Robbins around the world on his motivational speaking seminars from London to Singapore to Los Angeles to New York. I couldn't be happier to elevate and motivate people with my story around the world.”


Growing up in impoverished and drug-ravaged neighborhoods in South Florida was no obstacle for Pitbull to pursue his music dream. Little Havana —one of the places where he grew up— is now home to SLAM! (Sports Leadership and Management), a public charter school dedicated to creating college-bound students interested in pursuing careers in sports industries, that Pitbull opened in 2013. “I lived there, I understand their struggles as teens, but I just shoot it to them real,” he says. According to the singer, SLAM provides “opportunities so that they'll be able to overcome troubles, but more so, show students the positive things in life.”

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Seeing SLAM! expand and positively impact more lives makes the singer proud. “We opened the first SLAM! in 2013. We now have ten schools across the country”, he says. “Growing up, I went to twenty-five schools and never graduated high school. To see schools graduating 100 percent and giving educational opportunities to so many kids is amazing.”

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About living his best life today and having a growing legion of fans supporting him, the rapper concludes: “I am most grateful for life itself. Live life, don't let life live you. I'm so grateful for my fans around the world who allow me to do what we do. I get to do what I love, and that is the biggest blessing.”