Singer Gloria Estefan talks to People en Español about keeping the spark alive with husband Emilio Estefan after 40 years of marriage and enjoying their grown children and grandchild.

Gloria Estefan feels absolute gratitude when she analyzes her life. The singer, 61, tells People en Español she counts her blessings every day. “I'm in a very happy and productive stage of my life”, she says, spending the most time she can with her grown children, singer Emily Estefan, 24, and son Nayib Estefan, 38. “I love the relationship we have now that they are adults”, she adds. The singer and her husband, producer Emilio Estefan, 66, also enjoy being grandparents to Sasha, 6. “I try to be with him as much as my schedule and his allows it”, she says of Nayib's son.

Emilio y Gloria Estefan 

After 40 years of marriage, the Cuban power couple still keep the spark and magic alive. What's their secret? “Emilio is the most positive being that I've ever met and he makes me laugh every day with his ideas and pranks. There is nothing better than making the person you love laugh. I try to make him happy and he does the same for me,” shares the “Mi Tierra” singer.

Gloria Estefan

The Estefans —who have created a mesmerizing musical and business empire— are happy to see their grown children follow their own dreams. “Seeing my kids happy with what they are doing in their lives is the biggest gift I could receive and they both love what they do”, she says of singer and songwriter Emily Estefan and filmmaker and entrepreneur Nayib Estefan.

Another blessing is the undying love of her fans. “I'm so grateful to our fans for all the love they have shown us throughout the years and how they embrace our music”, she concludes. “It's impossible to put into words how much we appreciate them.”