Check out this hot collabs by Brazilian singer Anitta with Maluma, Becky G, J Balvin, Natti Natasha and Prince Royce.

Brazilian singer Anitta is a master at seduction. The 26-year-old heats up the stage and her Instagram with her sexy poses and dances, and her music videos are hypnotizing! At her young age, she is already a superstar in Brazil and seems ready for world domination. “I like to enjoy. Thank God, for what I have. I want to do more things. I want to keep working,” she told Paper Magazine. “I'm already happy with what I did, and I wouldn't be disappointed if I stopped here. I would be really proud of myself, because what I did in music was really hard. I want to keep doing what I do without thinking about being No. 1 and being the best. I'm not the kind to compare myself with other people. I just compete with myself,” Here are our fave five Anitta collabs with Latinx artists.

Anitta instagram

1. “Banana” with Becky G. In the colorful music video, we see the two singers riding on a bright yellow banana. Any man's fantasy? It gets steamier! The two also lie in a bed of plastic bananas in skimpy outfits and dance around in a fruit market. The video is all about showcasing their beautiful bodies, shiny lips and provocative moves, showing two young women who are fully in charge of their sexuality.

2. “Sim ou Nao” with Maluma. The fusion of these Brazilian and Colombian talents is explosive. We see Anitta arrive at a night club where Maluma is sitting at the bar, ready to hunt. Anitta seduces him dancing close to him and the two share a kiss. Maluma sings in Spanish while she croons in Portuguese. A match made in music-marketing heaven!

3. “Te Lo Dije” with Natti Natasha. Anitta also joins forces with Dominican singer Natti Natasha in this music video about one lucky guy who gets involved with the two stunning friends and becomes obsessed with them. The clip presents the alternative reality of video games, with the two girls presented as digital muses. Are they real or imagined? Filmed in Miami, the video also has a Fast & Furious vibe, with Anitta doing mechanic work on a classic car. Check it out!

4. “Rosa” with Prince Royce. This song with Bachata crooner Prince Royce is filled with sexual innuendos. The racy lyrics talk about a gardener who lovingly “waters a rose.” The video shows Anitta in black lingerie, frolicking in a bed of red roses while Royce looks at her through a peephole. The two also get up close and personal in a garden, Adam and Eve style.

5. “Downtown” with J Balvin. The chemistry between Anitta and J Balvin is so strong it has sparked romance rumors. The two artists have denied being romantically involved but do share a close friendship. When they dance on stage they seem to forget the world is watching!

In the “Downtown” music video, we see the singer wearing a “little black dress” and bright red lips, dancing with another attractive female in a casino where J Balvin is trying his luck — a la James Bond — and checking her out. Then he uses Anitta's beauty to distract other players and steal some cash. Priceless!