The actresses launched the new site along with activists like Mónica Ramírez and Carmen Perez.

Por Alma Sacasa and Lena Hansen
Septiembre 02, 2020

Actresses America Ferrera and Eva Longoria have joined forces with a group of Latina leaders to start a new digital community called She Se Puede, designed to "help Latinas realize and act on their own power." Their co-founders include filmmaker Alex Martínez Kondracke, Latina magazine founder Christy Haubegger, producer Olga Segura, strategist Elsa Collins, Equis Labs co-founder Stephanie Valencia, and activists Carmen Perez, Jess Morales Rocketto, and Mónica Ramírez.

"We all come from very different backgrounds and industries, from politics and activism to entertainment and business to research and polling," Ferrera tells People CHICA. "Our main question was, how were we going to take responsibility for turning out Latina voters in the numbers and in the full force we are capable of? This is really about messaging, narrative, and culture. Culture is not something that you can change in one election cycle. Shifting and changing culture is a generations-long process, and one that is best to start trying to do now. Because I'm looking forward to 50 years from now, 100 years from now. Our children and grandchildren will be asking, 'What were you doing to change the way Latinos viewed themselves and the way the country viewed us?'"

She Se Puede was also created with the aim of empowering women, through information as well as a sense of community. "We felt like we have a collective self-esteem issue, so we want to create a culture of confidence and empowerment, but that doesn't happen right away," Longoria tells CHICA. "We have to create a cultural shift for Latinas and really provide that space for all of us to stand up and change our country, and bring our friends and families and our hermanas along with us. That's the goal of She Se Puede, to join this community. ... It's not just about your vote matters. It's about our lives matter."

Longoria also points out that Latinos are the fastest-growing demographic group in the United States, but their representation in government doesn't reflect that. She hopes She Se Puede will help Latinas realize how much power they have to change things. "The first step is telling Latinas they have the power," she says. "The second step is making sure they believe they have that power. They have to truly believe: I am the difference in my family, I'm the difference in my community, I'm the difference in the voting booths. Yes, you! Accept it, embrace it. Once they know they have the power, once they believe in that power, then they can start using that power, sharing that power, and leveraging that power. That has an impact on everything, from elections to corporate modern life to working out and cooking."

The site will cover important topics such as health, parenting, food, fashion, and culture, with political content that focuses on civic engagement online and on social media. "Between now and the election, She Se Puede plans to turn out content and live virtual events that inform, [with] discussions and conversations about the issues that matter to our community," Ferrera says. "We'll be highlighting powerful leaders in our communities who are doing incredible work on the ground to empower Latina voters, and we will be putting out a great deal of content so that our Latina community feels like they know what they need to know to engage powerfully in this election."

Due to the ongoing pandemic, events for She Se Puede have to be virtual for the time being, which is something Ferrera hopes changes in the future. "I'm excited for the days where we can convene and physically be in community with one another in live events,” she says. "For now, like everybody, we're doing our best to build community virtually and in the digital space. I think it will be incredibly exciting when we can expand what's possible for us and how we can be in community and build community, live and in-person throughout the country when things begin to change."