After twelve hours of negotiations, the parents came to this compromise over their sons Milán and Sasha.

After several months of back and forth over the custody of their children Milán and Sasha, Shakira and Gerard Piqué have reached an agreement on how they will be moving forward.

The Colombian songstress and soccer star, who announced their breakup in June 2022 after a 12-year romance, have settled on having the children move to Miami, Florida, with their mother after permanently living in Barcelona, Spain, for eight years.

Piqué, a Barcelona native, will remain in Spain and will be allowed to visit as often as he wishes, El País reports.

Shakira Pique
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According to the publication, after spending the holidays in Spain, Shakira will make the move with the two boys in 2024.

Both parents will be covering moving and travel expenses as needed. Additionally, report states that the decision was made surrounding both parents' need to protect their children's privacy after their breakup.

Since their breakup, paparazzi have followed the "Te felicito" vocalist, ex-boyfriend and children across Spain—making them both believe they will have more privacy and safety in the United States.

pique and Shakira
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"He is in agreement and has understood perfectly that they live in a world where they are harassed by the media, from the door of their school to photographers hiding behind flower pots," a source close to the couple revealed to El País.

Despite the couple attempting to keep the details of their breakup under wraps, it was confirmed that the Barça player had started a new relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chía Martin, unleashing a media firestorm.

"He has agreed that for the benefit of the children it is better that they change residency and carry on with their lives there," sources close to the couple assure El País. "A trial would have been unpleasant, tense, very media driven...Gerard is a good person. He has attitude, but he is a good guy, a brilliant man. Relationships fade, but both him and her have been very sensitive to understand that for the good of the children they start a new life."