The singer took a break from celebrating Halloween with her children to visit her father who has been hospitalized due to his deteriorating health.

After being in and out of hospitals over the last year due to her father's deteriorating health, Shakira is celebrating a small victory.

Taking a break from her Halloween celebrations with her children Sasha and Milan, the barranquillera visited her father in the hospital and shared a video of him lifting his legs after he suffered an alleged stroke.

In the video, the singer can be seen helping her father, William Mebarak, stretch his legs and applaud as he lifts them from the floor. When he is finally able to do it himself, the singer humbly kisses the soles of his feet and cheers.

"And life is something that happens between hospital visits, and Halloween costumes," she wrote.

Moved by her act of gentle kindness, fans took over the comments section cheering her on and honoring her gesture.

"The child that honors their father and mother shall be blessed," a fan wrote. "Shak I love you!!!! I mean, no one like you. I loooooove you!!! This made my eyes tear up," Chiquis Rivera wrote.

Up to this point, Shakira hadn't shared specifics on why her father had been admitted to Barcelona's Teknon hospital, only sharing recent photos of her father and mother sharing a kiss at the hospital.

Earlier this summer, after a fall that caused her father to go to the hospital initially, the singer shared a warm photo of him alongside her sons.

"You taught us to get up after every fall and this time we know you'll do it again," she wrote. "We love you."

Despite going through her separation from Gerard Piqué, the singer continues to remain strong as she navigates this difficult time in her life.

We're with you, Chica!