Her voice will sound "like she did right before she passed away,” said the late singer's father Abraham Quintanilla.

Almost 27 years after her death, Selena Quintanilla's family is releasing a new album.

In an interview with Latin Groove News, the late singer's father, Abraham Quintanilla, revealed that the new album will be out as early as April and will feature 13 songs where the singer's voice has been repurposed from previously recorded tracks from when the singer was alive.

For this album, Quintanilla said the singer's voice was altered "using computers."

"My son AB worked on this album. He took 10 songs that are part of our catalog from our company and completely [redid] new music," Abraham said.

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He added, "What's unique about it is, not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son worked on Selena's voice with computers," Abraham went on. "And if you listen to it, she sounds on these recordings like she did right before she passed away." 

For her father, this album commemorates the public's love for Selena and how her music has transcended generations of people despite her passing.

"Selena has been gone 26 years now," Quintanilla explained. "What amazes me, and [Selena's sister] Suzette, my family, A.B., is 26 years later, the public still remembers Selena. They haven't let go of her."

However, fans are torn by Quintanilla's new project despite his statement that they have been "waiting for a project like this to come out," and he knows "it will be well received by the public."

Selena Quintanilla
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Despite some excitement shown by Selena loyals, others have expressed their desire for the singer to rest in peace and for her family to stop capitalizing on her music. For several years, some of her fans have claimed that the family has used their daughter's legacy to gain riches.

Her father has denied these rumors by stating their primary goal is to keep Selena's memory alive.

In an interview on The AC Cruz Podcast in October 2021, he explained, "We said from day one that when Selena passed way, we were going to keep her memory alive through her music and that's what we have done for 26 years. Selena right now is known worldwide."

However, fans have taken to Twitter and Instagram to express their discontent.

"Let Selena Quintanilla rest in peace," some wrote on Instagram.

Another fan tweeted, "I know Selena Quintanilla's family will never let Selena rest by them dropping dique [apparently] a new album this year. Bro let her soul rest ja!"

Other fans have felt excited about the new music and shared this new album will be a positive for showcasing Tejano and Mexican music.

"I'm taking SELENA releasing NEW music as a positive; I'm hopeful that we can use this to make the music industry collectively engage with NEW and more MODERN acts in #Tejano / Regional Mexican music," they said.